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Redmond Christian Counseling

Christ-Centered Counseling

The Apostle Paul makes it clear in Colossians 1 that all things are about Jesus. He is the center. All things are to be seen in light of his life, teaching, death, resurrection, and ascension. If spiritual health is to be had, it must be had with Jesus at the center of all we hope to be.

Slow Dance

Premarital Counseling

Marriage is beautiful and you have every reason to look forward to it. But anyone can tell you - and believe me, they will - marriage is not always fun and easy. Getting off to the right start helps. What is marriage for? Who is the most important person in a marriage? Premarital counseling can help you take the first steps toward a healthy thriving marriage.

Grief Counseling

Bono sings, "There is no end to grief because there is no end to love." I think he's right. But with some help, we can see grief in light of the promises of Christ instead of letting it dominant our emotional lives.

Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety has become par for the course for so many in our current day and age. This is true for even Christians. However, we follow Jesus, the King, Who said, "Do not worry about your life." Would Jesus make this promise if there were no way we could live lives that are dominated by anxiety? Are we doomed to wake up at 4 am full of fear and anxiety over our work, children, marriage, and finances? I do not think so.

Support Group

Marriage Counseling

Marriage was given to us for our good and has the potential for so much good. But whether because of loss of trust, struggles with communication, or loss of intimacy, the goodness of marriage seems like an impossible dream for many couples. I love to help couples realize that dream.

Conflict Between Parents and Their Adult Children

Whether you are an adult child and struggling to get along with your parents or a parent of an adult child and cannot seem to get on the same page as far as expectations, there is hope for more than just getting along.

"I came that they may have life and have it abundantly."

- Jesus


About Me

Matt Redmond (M. Div., BCPC) has pastored youth, college students, singles, and adults for almost twenty years; counseling all along the way. Recently, he taught systematic theology, Hermeneutics, and Old and New Testament at a Classical Christian School. He is author of The God of the Mundane. He writes regularly for He Reads Truth and blogs at He has been Married to Bethany for over 21 years and has three children. He collects vinyl records and never feels like he has enough books.


2269 Chapel Rd, Birmingham, AL 35226


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